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    During 1990, “Matara Special Intelligence Services” was formed; when Zvika Manolovich joined forces with a high-quality group of individuals.
    Since 1990, Zvika and the Matara teams have been managing projects in the fields of intelligence and investigations, including numerous large-scale operations overseas.
    A number of these projects received public attention, and others remained confidential for obvious reasons. Most of the cases end with achieving either all or most of the goals set by the customers of Matara.

    Following is a brief listing of the overseas operations handled by Matara:

    In 2004 an extensive pursuit throughout Western Europe was conducted, nicknamed by the Israeli press as “HaRav HaNochel” (The Cunning Rabbi).

    In 2005 various activities in the handling of an international fraud case centered in London and branched out through several continents (published in the British press).

    In 2006-2007 Matara’s teams were involved in a vast and complex intelligence investigation project centered in the U.S. and extending to South Africa. The investigation findings are currently used as crucial evidence in the Florida court. Records of this affair, a complex dispute between several large construction companies regarding the largest construction project in the U.S. (Can be found in the West U.S. press).

    In 2008 intelligence consultation and cooperation with a governmental unit specializing in ransom kidnapping in Buenos Aires. Our firm aided in the safe return of the victim to his family. The victim was a member of one of the wealthiest families in Argentina (This case was documented by the Buenos Aires press).

    In 2009 Matara aided a global communications corporation located in Northern Europe in a complex investigation, where Matara exposed senior executives who traded and leaked highly confidential information to rival companies. The project was conducted mainly in Eastern Europe, and concluded upon achieving most of the objectives set by the client.

    In 2009-2011 a large fraud exposure project is being concluded. The fraud was committed by a sophisticated Israeli gang against American businessmen in Texas, U.S. Our firm’s activity exposed the gang members and located the majority of their properties. Our activity techniques included the use of shell-companies and counterintelligence throughout the U.S. (the findings of this investigation were submitted to the federal court in Huston, Texas, U.S.).

    Activity in Israel:

    Matara and its people manage an extensive operational organization within the state of Israel. The company operates in a number of departments focusing on intelligence and investigation, working in full synchronization to achieve client objectives.

    Matara is a leading consultant for a large number of Israeli High-Tech companies situated in Israel, some with overseas extensions around the world. Matara is aiding and cooperating with internal-auditors and other company officials; mainly in fields such as internal investigations and internal reviews. Our firm’s teams are uniquely trained to focus on information leakage, fraud, employee / employer theft, corporate espionage and other matters suspected upon receiving the results of our specially conducted internal reviews. These days, Matara is in the process of assisting a sensitive investigation in an East Asian extension of an Israeli company, regarding suspected abnormal activities.

    “Matara Special Intelligence Services” offers its unique services in order to assist the clients using the utmost level of professional individuals. Our firm offers focalized departments, each specializing in a specific field of operations:

    - Operations Department- guidance, supervision, consulting and managing projects domestically and overseas.
    - Corporate Intelligence Department- focusing on abnormal activity and espionage.
    - Financial Investigations Department- working with top financial analysts for evaluation and consultation.
    - Copyrights Department- superior legal and operational teams dealing with copyright violations, intellectual property and counterfeiting.
    - Corporate Investigations Department- focusing on inner company affairs, reviews and executive analysis.
    - Personal Affairs Department- aiding, consulting and operating to build infidelity and divorce cases.

  • About

    “Matara Special Intelligence Services” is an international firm which focuses on gathering information, intelligence services and investigations. We specialize in gathering “raw” data, processing it into intelligence according to our client’s objectives.

    Zvika Manolovich, founder and active director of Matara, is an IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) veteran. Matara is managed with the joined efforts of Zvika and his associates, former senior executives of the Israeli intelligence community and IDF.

    In order to obtain the necessary information, our firm actively uses a combination of the best techniques developed by Israeli intelligence agencies, while directing this activity to fit the civilian market.

    Matara has been operational since 1990. The firm’s activity, until 2005, was primarily focused in western and eastern Europe. By 2010, the firm has increased and broadened its range of activity, now including the U.S., East Asia and Africa.

    Matara- Our Unique Activity:

    Matara is a client dedicated and goal driven company. Our working methods are typical to the IDF and its systems. Matara is both committed and focused on making every effort to obtain relevant and up-to-date information regarding the investigated objects. While implementing various activities with the use of unconventional intelligence techniques- Matara will obtain its client desired objectives.

    In order to obtain the majority of objectives, our team members provide the following abilities and services:

    a. Operating undercover agents and other counterintelligence based on special doctrines of the Israeli intelligence methods.
    b. Field operations- surveillance, observation and other activities carried out using specialized and innovative technological equipment, among the most sophisticated in the world.
    c. Communicational surveillance- internet detection, device tracking (mobile, fax, telephone), audio, video, documentation and any other necessary for a professional investigation.
    d. A leading team of analytical experts specializing in material evaluation, including global intelligence databases.

    At the company’s core are teams which specialize in analyzing the raw data coming from field operations and other activities, while transforming the obtained objectives into actual results.

    Our teams are carefully constructed, employing veterans from elite Israeli military and intelligence units; while using the work methods, sophisticated equipment and vast experience acquired during their service in the IDF or elsewhere.

    • Officials

      Zvika Manolovich

      Born in 1960, married and a father of two. He currently resides in central Israel. His military resume includes service as both a combat-soldier and a commander of an elite unit. Following his military career, Zvika continued to work in Israeli defense, intelligence and investigation systems, while occupying important positions. Since 1990, Zvika has been engaged in intelligence gathering and investigations in the civilian market. In 2000, “Matara Special Intelligence Services” was officially founded by Zvika, who serves as its CEO.
      As active CEO, Zvika is in charge of the company’s special projects, mainly those taking place overseas. Zvika is also responsible for guiding and consulting his clients and their companies in matters concerning intelligence. He is responsible for actively running and managing the firm and its teams, of both investigators and executives.

      Roi Danoch

      Born in 1973, single and currently lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Roi is a former military officer who served as a commander of a combat unit. In 1997, Roi began his path in Matara as an investigator in the firm’s Personal Affairs Department. Later, Roi occupied several managing positions within the firm, among which was being active manager of the Copyrights Department. Today, he serves as active manager of the Financial Investigations Department, while being responsible for all department activities and teams.

      Roi is a certified and licensed PI (Private Investigator), also legally qualified by the Israeli Ministry of Justice to manage investigation firms. Roi is also a member of the International Organization for Private Investigators.

      Avishay Ivri

      Born in 1959, married and a father of two. He currently lives in central Israel. Avishay is a veteran officer of an Israeli army elite unit. Avishay joined Matara in 2001, after a long stay in South Africa where he directed various business projects. Today, Avishay is responsible for all overseas clients and acts as liaison and administrative project manager.

      Doron Masad

      Born in 1958, married and a father of three. He currently lives in central Israel. His military past includes both combat and commanding positions as an officer in an elite unit of the Israeli Navy. Following his military career, Doron occupied several key positions in the Israeli Defense Office and Israel’s Prime Minister Office.
      Today, Doron is active manager of Matara’s Intelligence Department; in charge of the analytical process succeeding operational activities where data is gathered for processing. Consequently, he is responsible for making intelligence assessments. Doron is also a leading consultant of our domestic and overseas clients in all matters concerning corporate intelligence - in charge of training and lectures given as part of the firm’s services.

  • Practice Areas

    Matara is a firm which consists of several departments specializing in different fields of intelligence and investigations. The departments are managed by officials with the best possible professional background in Israeli Intelligence.

    “Matara Special Intelligence Services” offers its unique services in order to assist the clients using the utmost level of professional individuals. Our firm offers focalized departments, each specializing in a specific filed of operations:

    - Operations Department- guidance, supervision, consulting and managing projects domestically and overseas.
    - Corporate Intelligence Department- focusing on abnormal activity and espionage.
    - Financial Investigations Department- working with top financial analysts for evaluation and consultation.
    - Copyrights Department- superior legal and operational teams dealing with copyright violations, intellectual property and counterfeiting.
    - Corporate Investigations Department- focusing on inner company affairs, reviews and executive analysis.
    - Personal Affairs Department- aiding, consulting and operating to build infidelity and divorce cases.

    • Operations Department (leading overseas projects)
      For many years, Matara has specialized in consulting, leading, guiding and executing operational activities beyond the Israeli borders.

      The difficulty with overseas projects is natural, mainly due to distance. However, Matara is a highly experienced firm with the finest professionals and best technology, thus capable to overcome such difficulties.

      - Hiring a consulting firm specializing in intelligence is a choice made by numerous companies, and a method tested by our many clients. A company in need of consultation will benefit from hiring an external firm, like Matara, providing the necessary efficiency and expertise. It has been proven by our broad spectrum of clients that the benefits include a reduced and more efficient process, more objectives are obtained and far less capital is spent on providing the proper solutions to an otherwise costly problem.
      - Matara is a firm with years of experience in consulting and leading delicate projects which require a high level of skill. Currently, many companies rely on Matara’s consultation services. When there is a necessity and/or suspicion that an intelligence solution is needed, Matara is given full authority to provide the proper services to obtain the best possible outcome.
      - The consultation process provided by Matara’s senior executives is a multistep procedure.

      Matara will define the mission’s objectives together with the client, according to professional evaluations:

      1. Matara will define a PAP (possible action plan), according to client objectives.
      2. Matara, according to the project’s location, will locate the colleague / local investigator best qualified to accomplish the mission, based on the qualifications needed in fieldwork and according to the task definition.
      3. Matara will determine a general budget and specific pricelist with the chosen colleague, via the client's approval (in any case, these prices are noticeably lower than those negotiated directly by the client without the firm’s involvement).
      4. Matara will closely oversee and supervise the local employees hired by our firm to conduct overseas projects. If necessary, a firm representative (usually one of our managing executives) will arrive at the project’s location to carry out direct involvement on the firm’s behalf.
      5. Matara will instruct and “coach” the chosen investigator according to proper working methods and techniques needed to best execute the task and obtain all possible objectives.
      6. After finalizing the project, Matara will gather the data and activity findings. Following, is an analytical process of evaluating, assessing and processing the received data. An FSR (Findings Summary Report) is the final step of the analytical process.
      7. The final step is a meeting, where the client is presented with the FSR, including the investigation findings and accomplished objectives. If necessary, our firm will provide further consultation.

    • Corporate Intelligence Department

      Corporate Intelligence (CI) is an assortment of pieces of information collected at any given time by all parties relevant to a specific economic body (the investigated object). This information is processed, analyzed and integrated into a “big picture” in accordance with the client’s objectives.

      Matara and Corporate Intelligence:

      Our firm’s CI Department is directed by expert veterans of the intelligence community, specializing in gathering, analyzing and processing information. In addition to our consulting services regarding business management and establishment, the department provides lectures and seminars on the subject of corporate intelligence.

      As part of the Corporate Intelligence Department activity, the department directors provide the following services:

      a. Information regarding rival companies, R&D (research and development) procedures, new rival companies entering the market, corporate collaboration, partnerships, mergers and liquidations.
      b. Up-to-date information regarding market fluctuations, product availability listings, upcoming products and technology launches.
      c. Counterintelligence- locating and recruiting key individuals for incorporation into rival companies as “double agents”.

      Corporate intelligence is a vast field, requiring special skills and training. Matara’s teams are trained to assist clients in any issue regarding the field of CI.

      The CI Department provides training and lectures for clients occupying key positions in the market place. The training sessions take place in two main schemes, either a single training day or a series of meetings. Our objective is to fully train high-ranking officials in all matters concerning CI, thus making them less vulnerable to corporate attack.

      List of provided lectures and courses:

      - Introduction to Corporate Intelligence.
      - Corporate Intelligence Implemented as an Integral Part of the Business Culture.
      - Translating Business Objectives into Intelligence Gathering.
      - Constructing and Managing an Information Gathering System within a Corporation.
      - Locating Information Sources and Training Employees.
      - Targeting Information Gathering into Various Organizational Functions.
      - Analyzing and Processing Raw Data into a “Bigger Picture” and presenting it to Clients.
      - Reporting Procedures.
      - Building a Web of Warning Signs.
      - Techniques for gathering and analyzing intelligence from revealed sources.
      - Corporate Intelligence Software Applications.
      - Corporate Intelligence Coordination in the Company.

    • Corporate Investigations Department
      For a long time, Matara has been engaged in aiding, consulting and supervising internal auditors for numerous companies and their extensions.

      After conducting an internal review, Matara assists internal auditors in “translating” suspicions and/or abnormal findings into actual field work. The process of field work is in fact an investigation activity implementing intelligence techniques, eventually leading to the translation of such suspicious findings into evidence.

      Many times, internal and external auditors come across suspicions and even minor offenses committed by employees, executives, managers and such. However, the auditors usually lack the necessary tools for “translating” such suspicions into hard evidence.

      At this point, Matara fully cooperates with the auditor and all other supervising officials. Together, we establish a professional action plan including frontal interrogations, covert activities and/or any investigatory/intelligence activity needed in order to translate suspicions into formal findings and evidence.

      It is important to point out that Matara’s activity is conducted while consulting the company’s officials, in order to prevent even the slightest disturbance in the company’s normal corporate activities.

      Many internal auditors are able to explain the great difference between using and not using the professional services provided by Matara. These services include reliable investigators, understanding suspicions, translation into evidence and analyzing the conclusions. These conclusions are then given, with the aid of Matara, to a final review. Consequently, creating a company better equipped for business.

    • Copyrights Department
      This department, for many years, has specialized in law enforcement against the violation of copyrights and intellectual property.

      Matara is the exclusive company representing the IFPI in Israel, fighting musical piracy and falsification. Our enforcement against such crimes includes surveillance and police aided raids on such criminals, who hold in their possession counterfeit musical records with intention to sell.

      - As part of our enforcement against such crimes we provide surveillance, observation and raids against manufacturers of counterfeit musical records.
      - Some of our firm’s enforcements are done with a great deal of collaboration with other intellectual property agencies and the Israeli Police Force.
      - Matara’s representatives have direct contact to district and department officers of the Israeli Police Force. Fully cooperating, we conduct joined activities such as confiscating counterfeits, arrests and legal prosecution. We operate both in the criminal and civil courts against criminals who violate copyrights.
      - Throughout many years of operational activities, Matara has created a reliable “intelligence web”. This web of intelligence information is mainly based in markets with cooperating merchants. Using this base of intelligence, Matara is informed of every illegal activity taking place, thus being able to stop it almost immediately.
      - Matara is also a representative of many of the best brands in fashion, medication, multimedia, cosmetics and others interested in protecting copyrights.

      Matara is considered to be the no. 1 expert in Israel, fighting against copyright violations.

    • Financial Investigations Department
      This department specializes in conducting financial investigations which provide the client with important information, such as:

      - Financial investigation regarding property locations.
      - The examination of financial bodies, companies, institutions and businessmen.
      - Credit checking prior to conducting any business involvement.

      In the investigation process, which includes various covert intelligence operations, Matara is able to locate individuals who are in-debt, in Israel and overseas. We locate their properties and uncover their financial activities that may be registered to their name, and those registered under other names.

      Matara specializes in investigations concerning “sophisticated” charlatans, who owe great sums of money. These individuals have vast and concealed business activities, which make the investigations far more complicated. Matara’s experience with such affairs is necessary for the solving of such cases.

    • Personal Affairs Department

      This department specializes in delicate family affairs and feuds, dealing with the close circle of the family unit. The investigations concerning these cases usually include gathering financial information, spousal betrayal cases, inheritance settlements and such. Due to high level of sensitivity which normally surrounds these types of cases, the firm’s CEO is directly responsible for guiding the client while maintaining the highest level of discretion. Matara will guide the client from the beginning of the process when evidence is gathered for the case, until the case is presented to the court.

      It is important to emphasize that due to the subject’s sensitivity, all matters of this department are directly and solely handled by Zvika Manolovich, CEO, who provides the client with the best possible service and compassion.

  • Contract and Execution

    Client Profile:

    Any legal body (individual, corporate, association etc.) in need of raw or processed intelligence is a potential client.

    However, we find it necessary to list several parameters which restrict our broad definition of potential clients:

    - Clients who are financially capable of providing the needed capital for Matara’s activity.
    - Clients who have not obtained their desired objectives using other means and/or clients who specifically wish to work with Matara.
    - Clients whose businesses are entirely legal and not against the law (such as drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering etc.).
    - Clients who are in need of intelligence gathering within Matara’s abilities (territorial restrictions, legal authority, accessibility etc.).
    - Our clients include many leading financial corporations and companies in the European and U.S. markets.
    - However, our client selection is exclusive and selective. Thus, we do not guarantee accepting every client or offer.

  • From the Media

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  • Why Us?

    Because Matara, under the management of Zvika Manolovich, has over twenty years of experience in conducting investigations, gathering intelligence and managing domestic and overseas projects.

    Because Matara’s clients are loyal and satisfied, including many of the highest ranking officials of both the private and public sectors of the market.

    Because Matara’s executives and teams are trained professionals who came with past experience from the IDF and the Israeli intelligence community.

    Because Matara has special methods and techniques, perfected with years of experience and numerous successful projects.

    Because in Matara, our client’s best interests are our best interests. We measure our success by the client’s satisfaction and work discreetly, efficiently and loyally.

    Because Matara is an international firm, constructed of several departments working simultaneously with one another. This synchronization enables us to reach the objectives set by the client in the fastest and best possible way, while maintaining our given budget and financial means.

    Because Matara is equipped with the experience, tools, knowledge and exclusive specialty which will bring you, the client, to the best possible solution for your problem.
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